Francois Visser | Interlude

6 September - 26 October 2018

Interlude is a pictorial chronicle documenting a colorful tapestry of subjects and places across South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania – including portraits of acrobats, alluvial miners, pikipiki riders, teenagers, and landscapes recorded on the road as traveler and observer. Some of the pictures emerge from happenstance encounters, whilst others exist in collaborative concurrence.


The photographs in each series are thread together through a balance of sublimity and simplicity. They comprise an exploration of transitory encounters, conveyed by a sense of certitude across cultural boundaries – an ideal that sometimes appears in the presence of its obverse: the possibility of partition. It is often through candid conversations that the perfect collision occurs, unveiling an otherwise latent image.


These collected series form a layering of stories that convey the sublime without pretense or façade. Visually captivating images present a multi-faceted memoir and tribute, transforming the everyday into the extraordinary.