TransForm | THK Cologne Group Show

27 July - 27 August 2021

THK Gallery is proud to announce THK Cologne, our new exhibition space in Cologne, Germany.  


Housed in a transformer station, we curate conversations between emerging and established artists from Africa and Europe, to engage with and explore our evolving visual language.  


Our first exhibition — TransForm — presents works by Andrew Kayser, Nonzuzo Gxekwa, Manyatsa Monyamane, Evans Mutenga and Jake Michael Singer. We invite you into the realm of forms and the imaginary, situated in the slippage between the two.  


Andrew Kayser's intensely detailed works create an absurd, ambivalent, darkly humorous reality where you have no choice but to abandon yourself to the pleasures of the surface. Nonzuzo Gxekwa's approach to photography favours the everyday over the spectacular; sharing interesting and intimate moments through focusing the camera on what is around her as well as herself. Her work explores the human condition in subtle and beautiful ways. Jake Michael Singer commands an exquisite mastery of sculpture - drawing inspiration from the emergent behaviour of flocking birds, where the individual is subsumed in the whole; and meditating on the timeless monumentality of the Winged Victory of Samothrace, his Murmurations series speaks to our time. Evans Mutenga uses paper not as a surface but as a material that he tears, manipulates, inks, wipes and coats. He creates almost abstract portraits by playing with layers of paper. Manyatsa Monyamane is a visual storyteller, inspired and influenced by African literature, theatre, and everyday surroundings. Unpacking difficult themes, Monyamane’s photography often brings attention to stories overlooked by the mainstream media.