Anke Loots is a South African photographer based in Cape Town. After completing a degree in Art Direction, Loots applied her knowledge to photography, moving into a 5-year apprenticeship with internationally acclaimed photographer Pieter Hugo.

The many years she spent exploring the photographic medium have lead to the development of a distinct style. Fundamental to her work is the deep sense of discipline revealed by a slow and methodical examination of her subject, which ranges from inanimate object to intimate portrait. Comparatively significant on curatorial process: "The image of a human being is an important part of my process, it helps to clarify an ideology more clearly ."

Loots' work is a deeply personal reflection of the inquiry into the practices of meditation and art. The result is a meditation on beauty - a subject captured with focused, isolated simplicity.

Loots 'inaugural solo show, Everything In Its Right Place  marks the starting point of Anke Loots' career as an artist.



07.03 - 03.05.2019 | Everything In Its Right Place | THK Gallery



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