Florian Reinhardt

Florian Reinhardt (b. 1978) has 20 years of experience in the Film business. He is one of the most successful producers of Reality Television, which isn't his dream. The missing freedom of his childhood inspired his love of stories and pictures. Words are beautiful, pictures even more so. His passion for capturing signs over many years of travelling has now grown into a significant body of work, comprising over 1.000 EXIT signs. It started in South Beach Miami. An EXIT sign with two lights on top, one which was broken. It seemed to reflect his mood: physically present, mentally not. EXIT.

The EXIT signs can be old, new, beat up or polished. They are always there. Everywhere. They in some way mirror life: they are placed where life is writing it's story and they always show the way out. For the artist EXIT is an opportunity to let go of the captivity of compulsion, and be to present.  
He currently lives and works in Cologne, Germany.