Iziko South African National Gallery | Matereality | Jake Michael Singer | 14 February - 02 August 2020

March 5, 2020

THK Gallery is proud to announce that Jake Michael Singer's large-scale installation, And All the Birds Flew with a Harsh Scream (Marmara), 2020, currently features in Matereality, the critically acclaimed group show on view at Iziko South African National Gallery (ISANG).

'Matereality highlights how contemporary artists from the African continent are using certain materials to explore different issues and ideas that give insight into their reality – and in turn, challenging traditional notions around what materials are suited to art-making.' 

And All the Birds Flew with a Harsh Scream (Marmara), 2020, stands at over 3.5m, and is meticulously crafted from over 18,000m of steel. The work will be on view until August 2020, and establishes Jake's position as one of the leading young sculptors on the continent.