THK Gallery | Insights | Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher | 03 April - 03 June 2020

April 3, 2020

As we all navigate these uncertain times, we hope to bring you a twin dose of happiness and inspiration with the launch of Insights, a new series of online exhibitions.

For our inaugural online exhibition, we'll take a closer look at Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher's celebrated African Twilight series. With insights from the artists themselves via a series of live talks, and behind-the-scenes videos, we'll bring this extraordinary body of work directly to your home. 

View the exhibition here.


Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher have a photographic partnership spanning 40 years, and have travelled to 48 countries on the African continent to record the sacred ceremonies and powerful art forms of over 150 cultures. THK Gallery is proud to represent these award-winning photographers.